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PiV model 16-40MiV Fast Gating Intensified Camera

The PiV model 16-40MiV is a state-of-the-art camera system designed for ultra high speed shuttering with the highest possible resolution - up to a dynamic 1300 TV lines as measured per picture height. Two independent intensified frames, each with a minimum exposure of 20ns (optionally 10ns) and a 16M [4872 x 3248] pixel sensor ensures the system can easily capture in great detail ultra high speed events. The exceptional technical performance is combined with an extremely compact yet rugged, ergonomic design. GigE interfacing plus an optical viewfinder ensures ease of use, simple installation, and with its small size, transportation.

In summary the PiV camera is designed for a long installed life with the minimum of service requirements. Typical applications for the PiV 16-40MiV have included ballistics, detonics, shock physics and material properties.

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  • Imaging Systems
  • 4872 (H) x 3248 (V) active pixels
  • Fast Gating to 10ns
  • Integral 40mm Intensifier - High Gain/Sensitivity
  • GigE interfacing
  • Two sequential frames plus multiple exposure options.
  • Optical viewfinder and capping shutter
  • Programmable electrical triggering options
  • Built-in velocity trap
  • IVV Imprint PC software for control/analysis
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Standard Nikon F-mount
  • S20 (UV) and S25 (Visible) options available

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