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Invisible Vision provides a wide range of accessories to complement our cameras. These include conventional, UV and microscope 'stand-off' objective lenses, filters (i.e. 308nm for combustion), tripods (normally Manfrotto) plus camera flash and lighting systems.

We also supply the Nikon 105mm UV lens (and matching 308nm high efficiency filter) as described below and our own range of versatile camera 'Cube' combiners which allow two separate cameras (non identical if desired) to be aligned on to a single optical axis such as two high speed video cameras (for double speed or pyrometry with appropriate filters) or for combining framing and streak cameras.

Cube X50/50 X33/66 Splitter

Cube - Optical Lens Splitter

  • 50/50 and 33/66 split versions
  • Mounts directly to 67mm and 62mm filter thread lenses
  • Two Tripod Mounts for either verical or horizontal mode
  • Can be used in quasi-relay lens mode with a common single objective lens

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Nikon UV 105mm F4.5 Lens

Nikon UV 105mm F4.5 Lens

  • Chromatically Corrected from 220nm to 900nm - enables easy UV focusing as both visible and UV focus identical.
  • Macro (2:1) Capability
  • 35mm Image Format
  • > 70% Transmission from 220nm to 900nm

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UV Filters for Combustion - 308nm

UV Filters for Combustion - 308nm

  • 308nm, 20nm FWHM, > OD4 bandpass filter
  • Hard coated bandpass interference filter
  • Transmission approximately 50% including blocking filters
  • M52 lens thread (Attaches directly to UV Nikon)

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Jan 2022

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Sep 2018

Invisible Vision works on new 'Cancer' camera with the Rosalind Franklin Institute https://www.rfi.ac.uk/worlds-best-video-camera-to-develop-cures-for-deadliest-cancers/

Nov 2017

SUVI in 'Nature' magazine https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-017-05797-w

Aug 2015 New Website Launched May 2013 1 Billion fps UBSi released. Derived from the UHSI the UBSi is a true 12/24 frame optically calibrated 1 Billion fps (exposures to 1ns) camera. Faster versions available.

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